My Health Story

When I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis 12 years ago, I just wanted the terrible and distressing flare-ups and pain to stop and to get my health back. So when my gastroenterologist at the time prescribed 9 pills a day and said “diet doesn’t matter”, I believed him.

At that time I made no connection to what was happening in my body to what I was eating or how I was living my life. So I filled my prescription and stayed on those 9 pills a day for quite some time. Eventually, after considerable research and a lot of money spent on prescriptions, I went to my doctor and asked again if I could control my symptoms with diet. Again he said “no”, but based on what I had read, I just wasn’t sure anymore. So I followed my gut instinct by saying “no more pills” and ventured out on my own.

From that point forward, I removed gluten and dairy from my diet, refined sugar (mostly, can’t say I was perfect) and alcohol when having a flare-up, and added in lots of healing foods and spices like turmeric and ginger, fennel, peppermint, probiotics, aloe, and fish oil. As well, I allowed myself to rest and sleep when needed and using walking as my form of exercise for helping with stress. The recovery road was long, but thankfully it brought me remission in the end. I have been flare-up free since 2013.

Despite bringing my ulcerative colitis into remission — which made me happy for quite some time because at least I wasn’t having a flare — I still battled terrible digestive distress, weight gain, and fatigue. I functioned most days just fine despite feeling that way. I learned to live with feeling poorly as my “normal”, which I can tell you (or maybe you already know) is no way to live. If you have ever gotten to a breaking point in your life, I know you can relate.

Even though I knew I needed to make some major change, I just could not commit, and quite honestly, I wasn’t sure how or what I needed to do to feel better. The changes came more slowly than they should have, but they finally started becoming real after I had my son.  My husband and I started switching to more organic foods, making more meals at home, and just all around started being more conscious of our food choices. It really wasn’t until a good friend asked me to start a workout routine with her that things changed dramatically for me. I immediately jumped on that offer because accountability is key to success; that much I knew.

After a month or so of working out together, the exercise we did was on one hand making me feel great, but on the other hand, I couldn’t keep up with the workouts and knew my diet and lifestyle needed to change even further. I started listening to nutrition podcasts on my way to and from work and read nutrition blogs at night, and after just a couple of months, I was hooked on completely overhauling my diet and lifestyle and took that newly found interest and passion as a sign to dig deeper.

Eventually, I found the Nutritional Therapy Association and the Nutritional Therapy Consultant program. As soon as I read the curriculum, I knew the program was what I needed. Now as a certified nutritional therapist, I have learned what a real food, nutrient dense diet is, how to take care of my gut, strengthen my immune system, correct nutritional deficiencies, and how to choose the right movement, sleep, and stress management techniques that work for me. I learned this not only for myself but also for my family, and now for others too.

But my story doesn’t stop there. Another important piece to this puzzle is Angie’s Alt’s autoimmune protocol program called SAD (Standard American Diet) to AIP (autoimmune protocol) in Six weeks. It’s a gentle approach to learning your food sensitivities. I learned through her program the additional foods that were contributing to my digestive distress which is very empowering. I have a lot more gut healing to do but I know I can do it and I’m not as much in the dark as I used to be.

So that’s my story and the path I am on today. What’s your story and path going to be? Contact me for the help you need to get started.